The combination of virtualization technologies and server consolidation can significantly improve infrastructure management, improve service levels, and reduce costs. In increasingly complex IT and business environments, particularly those involving multiple and/or remote sites and mobile users, effectively managing IT infrastructure assets presents a challenge.

Using virtualization, hardware costs can be reduced by as much as 80%. Simply improving hardware utilization reduces server expenditures and server space requirements by 50% or more. Maintenance costs on older servers with expired warranties are also reduced as virtualization allows for easier refreshment of server hardware. Disaster recovery and system management costs can also be drastically reduced by moving to a virtualized environment.

Technology Guys IT Solutions will find the perfect solution for your needs and budget, from enterprise class virtualization technology built on a high-availability storage SAN to a budget conscious implementation giving you access to the features you’re looking for.

Our team will help you select a vendor, size and deploy the solution and migrate or convert the workloads according to your needs.

Benefits Of Virtualization:

  • Combine the power of people, processes, and technology to streamline and automate management of IT infrastructure, reducing TCO, administration, and support costs while ensuring maximum system availability and business continuity.
  • Optimize existing IT investments to improve operational efficiency while gaining the financial flexibility to reach strategic business goal and focus on innovation.
  • Rapid centralized deployment – server deployment takes minutes rather than weeks as standard images are detached from the hardware platform.
  • Reduction of physical hardware results in immediate ROI as well as the reduction in data center real estate and related power and cooling requirements.
  • Simplified disaster recovery, remote office deployments, and disk based backups that are critical to ensure your business’ security and continuity.


What we offer:

  • Experience working in a variety of industry leading Virtualization platforms
  • Conversion of physical machines to virtual machines (P2V)
  • Migration of Virtual Machines (VM) between platforms (Example VMWare to Hyper-V)
  • Backup and recovery of Virtual Machines between servers locally as well as offsite