As traditional data centers reach the limits of their capacity, the combination of high maintenance and support costs with low resource utilization is a recipe for inefficiency. At the same time, as data communication grows exponentially, you need technology that can efficiently archive, access, and retrieve authentic information – at a lower TCO and in compliance with government and industry regulations. As the volume of stored data continues to grow, and the need for energy efficient technologies becomes a higher priority, expert teams that can understand current best practices and emerging technologies are in high demand. Technology Guys know how to integrate various storage technologies to create the best possible outcomes for our clients from both a cost and requirements point of view.

Benefits Of Our Storage Solutions:

  • Network storage solutions are ideal for organizations that need to manage large amounts of data, have data intensive applications, and require a zero downtime environment.
  • Storage technologies from industry-leading manufacturers provide high quality solutions that ensure you can meet your data management needs, helping save time and money.
  • Automation technologies and optimized processes improve resource utilization and reduce administration and support costs while improving productivity, promoting growth, and innovation.
  • Manage Data not Disks. Centralize and scale down data housing infrastructure.
  • Improve efficiency using deduplication and other applications embedded in the OS designed to reduce trouble-shooting and maintenance, increase power and storage efficiency, and reduce energy costs.
  • Data protection hardware facilitates recovery in the event of disaster, corruption, or accidental loss while data classification allows organizations to understand and manage information that enables operations.

What We Offer:

  • Storage Area Network (SAN) – storage consolidation and resource sharing to provide storage pools that meet various performance requirements.
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) – utilizes standard network protocols and transports to share storage amongst a number of consumers such as servers, applications or end users.
  • Data Protection – refers to hardware, software and processes aimed at storage and recovery of data from a specific point of time.
  • Data Classification – allows organizations to understand and manage information that enables operations. Recent initiatives such as regulatory compliance and legal discovery are now integrated with previous data management products, such as hierarchical storage management and archiving, to create a portfolio of solutions.
  • Optimization – detailed performance metrics an organization needs to ensure that system configurations and capacity maintain peak efficiency in order to meet the service levels required by the business.
  • Data Management
  • Capacity Management